In this section you can find information about our equipment for offset printing


Sirio th 120Sirio TH

One of the most popular plate processor for thermal ctp and traditional offset playes. Very well known from the major plates and ctp manufacturers, dealers and distributor in the world. (read more)

sirio exportSirio Export

Export version of our Sirio TH plate porcessor, dedicated to medium and low porduction printers. 
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Adara online bAdara

NEW VERSION 2017! Gumming unit for chemistry free plates. Available for online or manual configuration. 
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Very new plate processor for waterless plates. For analogic or digital plates. (read more)
Ecomatic new bEcomatic

Plate washer machine to wash plates after printing for achieving and re-use. (read more)
orion nuovo ritoccato bOrion

Oven to bake offset plates. Vertical and horizontal online version. 
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LGS Conveyor bUniversal Conveyors

Different and universal conveyors to connect plate processor with ctp or online oven. (read more)
Aps no paratie bStackers 

Accessory to collect plates out from a plate processor, very useful in an online configuration. Produced in different sizes. 
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