In this section you can find information about our equipment for flexographic printing


Flexomatic bb


Cleaning unit for flexographic plates after printing for achieving and re-use. This kind of machine is becaming more ad more popular as it is no more convenient to clean by hand for many reasons. (read more

Aniloxmatic1 bAniloxmatic

Cleaning unit for flexo anilox and cylinders. (read more)
sleevematic part bSleevematic

Cleaning unit for engraved sleeves after printing to be achieved and re-used. (read more)
 carrello archivia maniche bSleeve Portable Storage

Trolley for the storage and transport of anilox and sleeves. 
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LGF bLGF Conveyors

Automatic onveyors to introduce multiple clichè into a plate washer unit. 
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 piano uscita b 

ST Outlet Table


slope tables to colelct multiple clichè after washing in an automatic plate washer. (read more